About Transact Investments

Transact Investments is the efficient link between qualified buyers and experienced commercial real estate agents with the core objective of successfully sourcing, securing, negotiating and settling the transaction of commercial real estate properties nationally.
Transact Investments is for all types of buyers ranging from individuals right through to institutional buyers and allows for the buyer to confidentially provide specific and detailed investment mandate criteria that aligns with their investment strategies.
Transact Investment has many automated processes that provides updates and prompts both the buyer and the agent about the status of their investment mandate.
Transact Investments seeks to increase the number of sales transactions and is designed to be an extension of buyer’s resources to seek commercial real estate that they otherwise may not have access too or do not have the time to source.
Transact Investments is a FREE platform that incurs no cost to the buyer even after a successful sale is concluded. All commercial agents are retained by their sellers for any commission fees due and payable.