Commercial property is a real asset that can provide significant cash flow, greater rental certainty due to longer lease terms, depreciation benefits, more secure covenants and typically outgoings are recoverable from the tenants unlike residential property.

The Transact Investments platform provides an investor/buyer with the opportunity to create and submit a confidential buyer’s mandate for their individual commercial property investment strategy. Transact Investment’s associate agents will then contact you when an investment opportunity is found that meets their criteria.

There are no risks for the buyer to submit an investor/buyer mandate, as the platform is free to join and utilise. There is no financial risk associated with the platform, it has been designed to speed up the facilitation process for astute investors to find their desired commercial assets.

Transact Investments is free to join and use, the platform is designed to speed up the facilitation process for astute investors to find their desired assets. The platform is designed to facilitate a minimum $1M investment amount, there is no maximum ceiling on your desired investment. Many commercial property acquisitions are underpinned by bank finance and therefore the equity required will be unique to each investment.

Returns on commercial property are unique to each commercial property. The services of a licenced property valuer are required to analyse what yield is considered “market price”.

Once an investor/buyer has submitted one or multiple investment mandates, Transact Investments will notify Transact Capital of your mandate details and the associate agents of Transact Capital will contact the buyer and a Vendor/seller to facilitate the sale of an asset that either matches or closely aligns with the buyers investment mandate criteria.

The time it takes for an investment mandate to be matched to a real asset will vary, depending but not limited to market conditions, investment horizon, desired asset class, desired investment amount, desired yield and location. Transact Investments endeavours to conclude all active mandates within a 180-day period.

Transact Investments will periodically notify you of the status of your investment mandate. A Transact Capital associate agent will get in touch with you should they wish to discuss your mandate in more detail, bring a potential opportunity to you or to update you on current market evidence and suggest potential updates to your mandate criteria for greater success.

Transact Investments will do everything in its power to help facilitate the right opportunity to match your investment mandate, should your mandate expire without a given asset matching the criteria, Transact Investments will be in touch to suggest changes to the mandate based on market evidence and conditions, or we can simply keep the mandate active until such a time that an asset is found that meets your desired criteria.